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The connections of the medial preoptic region and maternal behavior in the rat

, : The connections of the medial preoptic region and maternal behavior in the rat. Physiology & Behavior 25(5): 653-666

Female rats which are hysterectomized and ovariectomized on day 16 of pregnancy and injected with estrogen show a short latency to onset of maternal behavior when presented with test pups 48 h later. Female rats were treated similarly except that on day 16 of pregnancy they received knife cuts which severed either the lateral, anterior, dorsal or posterior connections of the medial preoptic area (MPOA), or sham knife cuts. Severing the lateral connections of the MPOA severely disrupted maternal behavior, while severing the dorsal or posterior connections of the MPOA produced either minor deficits or no deficits. Severing the anterior connections of the MPOA did produce large deficits in maternal behavior, but this was associated with hypoactivity and loss of body weight. Therefore, the maternal behavior deficits observed in the anterior cut group may have been a secondary effect of the knife cut. The results emphasize the importance of the lateral connections of the MPOA for maternal behavior.


PMID: 7443827

DOI: 10.1016/0031-9384(80)90367-4

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