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The effects of cesium chloride on insulin release ionic fluxes and membrane potential in pancreatic beta cells

, : The effects of cesium chloride on insulin release ionic fluxes and membrane potential in pancreatic beta cells. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 844(2): 200-208

Cs+ decreases K+ permeability in nerve and muscle cells. Its effect on the pancreatic B-cell function were studied with mouse islets. In the presence of 3 mM glucose, Cs+ substitution for K+ steadily inhibited 86Rb+ efflux and hyperpolarized the B-cell membrane. Addition of Cs+ to a K+-medium also inhibited 86Rb+ efflux, but depolarized the B-cell membrane. None of these changes altered insulin release. Substitution of Cs+ for K+ in a medium containing 10 mM glucose caused a Ca2+-dependent stimulation of insulin release and 45Ca2+ efflux, produced an initial fall and a secondary rise in 86Rb+ efflux and augmented the electrical activity in B-cells. Reintroduction of K+ to the medium was followed by a marked and transient inhibition of insulin release, that was blocked by ouabain and accompanied by an inhibition of 45Ca2+ and 86Rb+ efflux and by a hyperpolarization of the B-cell membrane. Addition of Cs+ to a K+ medium containing 10 mM glucose stimulated insulin release, 45Ca2+ efflux and 86Rb+ efflux. It also increased the electrical activity in B-cells. In the absence of Ca2+, Cs+ addition decreased the rate of 86Rb+ efflux. The effects of Cs+ on the B-cell function may be explained by its ability to decrease K+ permeability of the plasma membrane, by its inability to activate the Na pump, and by a 3rd unidentified effect likely brought about by the accumulation of intracellular Cs+.


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