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The fusulinidae of the dorud formation in the djadjerud valley of tehran iran

, : The fusulinidae of the dorud formation in the djadjerud valley of tehran iran. Rivista Italiana di Paleontologia e Stratigrafia 82(3): 439-465

Fusulinid samples from the Dorud Formation in the upper course of the Djadjerud Valley north of Teheran, Iran were investigated. The fusulinids are a multiform fauna of mostly small Triticites, Pseudofusulina (in the Soviet sense) and Pseudoschwagerina. Because of the presence of Pseudoschwagerina, the fauna is undoubtedly of Lower Permian age. Some species occur which are already known from the Upper Carboniferous of Russia. The fauna is dated to a period extending at the most from the middle Assel stage to the upper limit of the lower Artinskian (or from the middle Rattendorfer stage to the upper part of the Trogkofel stage).


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