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The kinetics of iron uptake in vitro by human duodenal mucosa: studies in normal subjects

, : The kinetics of iron uptake in vitro by human duodenal mucosa: studies in normal subjects. Journal of Physiology 289: 469-478

1. A method for determining initial rates of unidirectional radio-Fe uptake from a ferric chelate of nitrilotriacetic acid by human duodenal biopsy specimens in vitro has been devised. [57Co]cyanocobalamin was used as an extracellular fluid marker, and was shown to give results in close agreement with other markers. 2. Uptake was linear for up to 20 min and exhibited saturation kinetics over the concentration range 18--450 mumole/1. 3. In the presence of 2:4 dinitrophenol and fluoride, uptake was reduced by approxi-50%, indicating dependence on metabolic energy. 4. Uptake of Fe was markedly diminished at reduced incubation temperatures, demonstrating a high activation energy for the uptake process. 5. Many of the criteria for the demonstration that the initial uptake of Fe depends on an active transport mechanism have been fulfilled. 6. The apparent distribution volume of 14C-labelled nitrilotriacetate chelate did not exceed the extracellular fluid space, suggesting that Fe is transferred to specific receptors on the enterocyte. The findings are discussed in relation to the possibility that uptake may be a rate-controlling step for the regulation of net intestinal absorption of Fe in man.


PMID: 458682

DOI: 10.1113/jphysiol.1979.sp012747

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