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The localization and orientation of specific genes in the chloroplast chromosome of Vicia faba

, : The localization and orientation of specific genes in the chloroplast chromosome of Vicia faba. Current Genetics 8(5): 359-367

The genes for six chloroplast polypeptides have been localized on the map of Vicia faba chloroplast DNA using heterologous probes. These include the three subunits (α, β, ε) of CF1 of ATP synthase, subunit III of CF0 from ATP synthase, the 32 kilodalton thylakoidal membrane protein of photosystem II and cytochrome f of the electron transport chain. The direction of transcription has been determined for the three subunits of CF1 and the 32 kilodalton thylakoidal protein. The physical map of the chloroplast DNA has also been expanded to include Sma1 sites in addition to previously mapped restriction enzyme sites. Finally, the genetic arrangement of Vicia faba chloroplast DNA was compared to other known genetic maps.


PMID: 24177816

DOI: 10.1007/BF00419825

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