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The morphological and histological effects of cobalt 60 gamma rays part 3 the developmental structure of buds of potato tuber

, : The morphological and histological effects of cobalt 60 gamma rays part 3 the developmental structure of buds of potato tuber. Journal of Japanese Botany 51(10): 303-310

Histological structure of buds on non-irradiated potatoes, especially of young leaves, was examined with 2 kinds of stocks, 'Danshaku' and 'Norin No. 1', in order to clarify the relation between the shape of deformed buds of irradiated samples and that of buds of non-irradiated tubers. Leaf primordia consisted of immature cells and had no procambium. Young leaf consisted of procambium, unspecialized parenchyma and epidermis. The next youngest leaf consisted of procambium, specialized parenchyma of adaxial and abaxial sides and epidermis. More developed leaves consisted of a vascular bundle that originated from the procambium of a young leaf and parenchyma and epidermal cells which were very narrow because of frequent anticlinal divisions. Dormant buds had a pair of leaf primordia on both sides of the growing point, and a young leaf over them. Dormant buds at a later stage of the resting period had a set of young leaves over the growing point of a dome shape, and a set of more developed leaves over them and a more elongated internode. At the end of the resting stage the internode elongated more, the outermost leaves became erect and cortex of their base and internode increased in width.


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