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The presence of the Ii blood group system on human platelets

, : The presence of the Ii blood group system on human platelets. American Journal of Clinical Pathology 82(1): 74-77

To examine platelets for the Ii antigens, high-titer human IgM anti-I and anti-i antibodies were affinity purified, radiolabeled with 125I and incubated with adult and cord platelets. Saturation binding curves were performed by incubating adult platelets with serial dilutions of concentrated 125I-anti-I. Inhibition binding curves were performed by incubating adult platelets with doubling dilutions of concentrated unlabeled anti-I mixed with 125I-labeled anti-I. Adult platelets bound significantly more anti-I than anti-i, while cord platelets bound more anti-i and anti-i (P < 0.025). Both anti-I and anti-i show a temperature-dependent dose-response curve of maximum binding at C. Binding of 125I-labeled anti-I was inhibited by preincubation with 100-fold concentration of unlabeled anti-I. Platelets evidently express I/i antigens in parallel with that of red blood cells. [Implications with respect to the involvement of the Ii system in immune hemolytic anemia and thrombocytopenia caused by auto-anti-i antibodies produced in patients with infectious mononucleosis are presented.].


PMID: 6741875

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