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The structure of groups and the numbers of fish populations in the river nysa klodzka poland upper catchment basin

, : The structure of groups and the numbers of fish populations in the river nysa klodzka poland upper catchment basin. Acta Hydrobiologica 25-26(3-4): 429-450

An ichthyological investigation was carried out using a current generator at 90 stations in 24 rivers and streams of the River Nysa Klodzka upper catchment basin (southwestern Poland). The occurrence of 22 fish species with a predominance of the brook trout was found. Cenological methods were used in determining ichthyofauna communities. These results, associated with certain elements of hydrography, permitted the classification of the water courses of the investigated basin into two fish regions (zones), that of the trout and that of the grayling. The numbers of the ichthyofauna per 1 ha of water surface were estimated.


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