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The ultrastructure of epithelial cells of proximal tubule nephrons of scorpaena as revealed during repeated injections of penicillin and p aminohippurate

, : The ultrastructure of epithelial cells of proximal tubule nephrons of scorpaena as revealed during repeated injections of penicillin and p aminohippurate. Tsitologiya 29(3): 358-360

A 3 day injection of penicillin and paraaminohippurate (PAH) with 8 hour intervals to the sea bony fish - Scorpaena resulted in ultrastructural changes of the proximal tubule nephron. These changes involve the increase in the number of rough endoplasmic reticulum elements in the cytoplasm of the central area of the cell and the dilation of the inner cavity of the reticulum. The smooth endoplasmic reticulum is concentrated on the periphery of the cell, near the basolateral border. Microbodies increase in size, the electron density of the ground substance of cell cytoplasm is seen to fall down. The space between cells is augmented, and the interstitial space between infolding of the basal plasmalemma is much broadened.


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