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The ultrastructure of mitosis in isochrysis galbana prymnesiophyceae

, : The ultrastructure of mitosis in isochrysis galbana prymnesiophyceae. Protoplasma 125(1-2): 140-151

Mitosis and cytokinesis have been studied in the flagellate alga I. galbana Parke (Prymnesiophyceae). Nuclear division is preceded by replication by the flagella and haptonema, the Golgi body and the chloroplast; fission in the chloroplast occurs in the region of the pyrenoid. During prophase, spindle microtubules radiating from 2 ill-defined poles are formed. The nuclear envelope breaks down and the chromatin condenses. At metaphase the spindle is fully developed, some pole-to-pole microtubules passing through the well-defined chromatin plate, others terminating at it. No kinetochores or individual chromosomes were observed. By late metaphase, many Golgi-derived vesicles may be seen against the 2 poleward faces of the metaphase plate. During anaphase, the 2 daughter masses of chromatin move towards the poles. In early telophase, the nuclear envelope of each daughter nucleus is complete only on the side towards the adjacent chloroplast, remaining open on the interzonal side. During telophase each nucleus becomes reorientated so that it lies lateral to the long axis of the spindle and with its open side towards the chloroplasts. By late telophase, each new nuclear envelope is complete and confluence with the adjacent chloroplast ER [endoplasmic reticulum] established. Cytokinesis and subsequent segregation of the daughter cells are effected by the dilation of Golgi- and ER-derived vesicles in the interzonal region. No microtubular structures are involved. Comparisons with the results from other studies of mitosis in members of the Prymnesiophyceae show that they all have a number of features in common, but that there are differences in detail between species.


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