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Thermoplasma acidophilum glucose degradative pathways and respiratory activities

, : Thermoplasma acidophilum glucose degradative pathways and respiratory activities. Systematic & Applied Microbiology 5(1): 30-40

Soluble extracts of T. acidophilum consumed O2 when provided with any of a variety of metabolic substrates. About 80% of the total cellular respiratory activity was in the soluble fraction and .apprx. 20% in the particulate membrane fraction. Intermediates in the pentose phosphate pathway and Krebs Cycle were among the best substrates for respiration in vitro. Intermediates in the Embden-Meyerhoff glycolytic sequence were also effective, as were several 1- and 2-C compounds such as acetaldehyde and formate. When radioactive [14C]-glucose was given to living cultures the excretory products CO2 and acetic acid became radioactive. The molar ratio of CO2 to acetic acid was variable, but generally about 3. Intracellular metabolites that became 14C-labeled were those expected from the pentose phosphate pathway, glycolysis and the Krebs Cycle. The disaccharide maltose also became labeled. Although T. acidophilum should have potential for anaerobic metabolism, experimentally it survived for only about 20 min without O2. Continuous aeration is apparently required for the regulation of intracellular pH.


DOI: 10.1016/S0723-2020(84)80049-1

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