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Uptake of manganese by maize zea mays in relation to manganese concentration in acid clays and clay loams as affected by lime

, : Uptake of manganese by maize zea mays in relation to manganese concentration in acid clays and clay loams as affected by lime. Rhodesian Journal of Agricultural Research 15(2): 151-161

In trials on 12 sites oxalate-extractable Mn ranged 60-1640 ppm and was related to soil type shown by color: the yellow-brown soils (10 and 7.5 YR) contained on average 250 ppm Mn and the red (5 and 2.5 YR) 1050 ppm. Mn soluble in 0.01 M CaCl2 was highest in soils sampled dry, but decreased rapidly after wetting and equilibrium was established after 7-10 days. A prolonged period of intense rain did not appreciably increase soluble Mn, which remained below 10 ppm at all but 1 site. Equilibrium concentrations of soluble Mn were not related to oxalate-extractable Mn but were closely related to soil pH. On unlimed plots only, foliar Mn concentration at 4 wk was related to oxalate-extractable Mn (r2 = 0.303) and to soluble Mn (r2 = 0.183) and was best predicted by a multiple regression including both factors (R2 = 0.543). Liming resulted in marked decreases in soluble Mn that were not accompanied by equivalent decreases in foliar Mn; consequently when data for limed and unlimed plots were combined foliar Mn and soil soluble Mn were not significantly related. Mn contents of leaves sampled at 4 and at 10 wk were low (reaching 300 ppm at only 1 site) and below toxicity levels. Liming decreased leaf Mn concentrations on the most acid sites in the 2nd season after liming but had little effect otherwise.


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