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Use of positively selected lyt 2 plus mouse splenocytes to examine interleukin 2 secretion in responses to allo antigens and to tri nitro phenyl modified syngeneic cells

, : Use of positively selected lyt 2 plus mouse splenocytes to examine interleukin 2 secretion in responses to allo antigens and to tri nitro phenyl modified syngeneic cells. Cellular Immunology 68(1): 114-127

Current models for T cell interactions in the generation of cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTL) have encountered a technical problem, since it has until recently been impossible to purify the peripheral Lyt-1+2+ subset from the Lyt-1+2- helper cell set. Reports that the helper factor Interleukin-2 (IL-2) can be synthesized by Lyt-2+ spleen cells have suggested that the peripheral Lyt-2+ set, unlike Lyt-2+ thymocytes, might not depend on help from Lyt-1+2- cells. To clarify this question, spleen Lyt-2+ cells and the complementary Lyt-2- set were produced by a positive selection method. The Lyt-2+ cells were able to produce high levels of anti-hapten CTL only if supplemented with either Lyt-2- cells or with semi-purified IL-2. Although IL-2 synthesis from Lyt-2+ cells, or from unseparated T cells, could be induced by H-2I region-disparate stimuli, Lyt-2+ cells produced very little IL-2 in response to H-2I or to H-2K region-disparate cells. IL-2 synthesis in hapten-stimulated cultures was found not to depend on the presence of the hapten per se, and probably represents a response to components of the fetal calf serum supplementation. Lyt-2+ cells were also much less able to generate IL-2 than Lyt-2- cells in response to these stimuli. Cell mixing experiments provided no evidence that Lyt-2+ cells could suppress IL-2 secretion by Lyt-2- cells. Generation of CTL from splenic Lyt-2+ cells apparently requires IL-2 produced by Lyt-2- cells, because Lyt-2+ cells do not produce high levels of IL-2 themselves, even when stimulated across an H-2K difference alone.


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