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Use of xad resins for the detection of mutagenic activity in water 2. studies with drinking water

, : Use of xad resins for the detection of mutagenic activity in water 2. studies with drinking water. Chemosphere 10(1): 99-108

The combined XAD-4/8-Ames test procedure for concentrating and detecting trace amounts of organic mutagens, as described for surface water, was suitable for drinking water as well. DMSO [dimethylsulfoxide] was as effective as acetone in eluting the adsorbed mutagens and optimal recovery of overall mutagenic activity was observed at a flow rate of 2-4 bed volumes/min. The drinking waters of 6 cities in The Netherlands (their drinking waters are prepared from the Rhine and Meuse Rivers) were tested for mutagenic activity. Mutagenic activity was demonstrated in 4 cities. Dose-related responses were observed with concentrates of as little as 500 ml drinking water and the 4 cities differed with regard to the type of mutations induced (TA 98 or TA 100) and the effect of metabolic activation. The absence of mutagenic activity in drinking water of 2 cities indicated that, by a proper combination of treatment processes, the organics responsible for the detected mutagenic activity in drinking water could be removed to a high degree.


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