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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 6997

Chapter 6997 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Albumin decreases hydrogen peroxide and reperfusion injury in isolated rat hearts. Inflammation 13(5): 583-590

Albumin decrement in depression and cholesterol decrement in mania. Journal of Affective Disorders 19(3): 173-176

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Albumin enhances negative feedback effect of cortisol on ACTH release from sheep pituitary cells. American Journal of Physiology 261(4 Pt 2): R1003-9

Albumin escape from microvessels in kidney, heart and skeletal muscle in experimental diabetes mellitus in the anaesthetized rat. Experimental Physiology 76(6): 899-904

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Albumin excretion rate serum c 4 levels and puberty in juvenile onset diabetes mellitus. Journal of Pediatric Endocrinology 3(4): 239-242

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Albumin indirectly modulates fibrin and protofibrin ultrastructure. Biochemistry 28(20): 8242-8248

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Albumin is a major protein component of transverse tubule vesicles isolated from skeletal muscle. Journal of Biological Chemistry 264(18): 10795-8

Albumin is required for the guinea pig sperm capacitation but is not essential for acrosome reaction and fusion with eggs. Archives of Andrology 28(3): 235-239

Albumin like antigen in human stable cell lines. Eksperimental'naya Onkologiya 13(5): 61-64

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Albumin recovery enhancement in membrane plasma fractionation using pulsatile flow. International Journal of Artificial Organs 14(1): 61-65

Albumin redhill negative 1 arg 320 ala thr a glycoprotein variant of human serum albumin whose precursor has an aberrant signal peptidase cleavage site. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 87(1): 26-30

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Alcataenia atlantiensis new species dilepididae from the razorbill alca torda linnaeus in the eastern north atlantic basin. Systematic Parasitology 20(2): 83-88

Alchemilla gracilis new record opiz for the british flora. Watsonia 17(2): 133-138

Alcian blue and epithelial membrane antigen are useful markers in differentiating benign from malignant papillae in thyroid lesions. Virchows Archiv A Pathological Anatomy & Histopathology 419(2): 131-136

Alcian blue fixation allows silver staining of the isolated polysaccharide component of bacterial lipopolysaccharides in polyacrylamide gels. Electrophoresis 12(6): 439-441

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Alcides morio heller curculionidae coleoptera cinnamon fruit borer. Entomon 13(2): 187-188

Alcock's canal syndrome and perineal neuralgia. Revue Neurologique 144(8-9): 523-526

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