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Arachidonic acid absorption in human jejunum in organ culture effects of ethanol

, : Arachidonic acid absorption in human jejunum in organ culture effects of ethanol. European Journal of Clinical Investigation 20(5): 506-510

Human jejunal tissue obtained by peroral biopsy was cultured in control medium and in medium containing 100 mmol l-1 ethanol. Subsequently, the incorporation and metabolism of [3H]-arachidonic and [14C]-linoleic acid were evaluated. Of the two fatty acids a significantly higher amount of [3H]-arachidonic acid was incorporated into phospholipids and more [14C]-linoleic acid was incorporated into triacylglycerols. This preferential distribution of the labelled fatty acids was not affected by ethanol, but when ethanol was present in the tissue culture medium, there was a significant decrease in the incorporation of both fatty acids into tissue phospholipids. The study thus shows that ethanol in moderate concentrations can affect human jejunal absorption and metabolism of polyenoic fatty acids, contributing to a decrease in the amount of eicosanoid precursors available in jejunal tissue.


PMID: 2124981

DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2362.1990.tb01893.x

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