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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 7047

Chapter 7047 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Autonomic control of secretion of gastric acid and pepsin. Journal of Autonomic Pharmacology 9(6): 419-428

Autonomic control of the heart in some vagal maneuvers and normal sleep. Physiologie 26(1): 39-49

Autonomic correlates of illness imagery. Psychophysiology 29(2): 142-153

Autonomic correlates of stuttering and speech assessed in a range of experimental tasks. Journal of Speech and Hearing Research 33(4): 690-706

Autonomic denervation effects on the kallikrein and striated duct cells of the rat and cat submandibular glands. Anatomischer Anzeiger 169(4): 273-284

Autonomic denervation hypersensitivity in the primary glaucomas. Eye 3: 349-354

Autonomic denervation in jejunal mucosa of homosexual men infected with HIV. Aids 5(10): 1247-1252

Autonomic disturbance in spinocerebellar degeneration a study of concerning the circadian rhythm of blood pressure and pulse rate. Journal of Tokyo Women's Medical College 59(6): 660-671

Autonomic disturbances in cluster headache. Brain 111: 1199-1209

Autonomic dysfunction and severe hypoglycaemia in insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. Archives of Disease in Childhood 66(12): 1438-1441

Autonomic dysfunction at different ambient temperatures in infants at risk of sudden infant death syndrome. Lancet 2(8671): 1065-1067

Autonomic dysfunction in alcoholic cirrhosis: relationship to indicators of synthetic activation and the occurrence of renal sodium retention. American Journal of Gastroenterology 86(5): 553-559

Autonomic dysfunction in diphtheritic neuropathy. Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry 55(2): 159-161

Autonomic dysfunction in men with Parkinson's disease. European Neurology 32(3): 134-140

Autonomic dysfunction in patients with diabetes mellitus. Vrachebnoe Delo (8): 67-69

Autonomic dysfunction in patients with temporal epilepsy. Zhurnal Nevropatologii i Psikhiatrii Imeni S S Korsakova 88(6): 11-15

Autonomic dysfunction in systemic sclerosis sympathetic overactivity and instability. American Journal of Medicine 93(2): 143-150

Autonomic dysreflexia. A survey of current treatment. American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation 70(5): 234-241

Autonomic dystonia in children suffering from primary and secondary generalized epilepsy clinicoencephalographic data. Zhurnal Nevropatologii i Psikhiatrii Imeni S S Korsakova 91(8): 23-26

Autonomic effector disorders in the recovery period after circulatory arrest of various duration. Patologicheskaya Fiziologiya i Eksperimental'naya Terapiya (2): 23-25

Autonomic factors influencing fertility. Revista Espanola de Fisiologia 45(SUPPL): 107-118

Autonomic function and human immunodeficiency virus infection. Neurology 40(4): 575-580

Autonomic function and unmyelinated fibers in chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy. Muscle & Nerve 13(1): 70-76

Autonomic function in Friedreich's ataxia. Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry 54(2): 162-164

Autonomic function in Holmes Adie syndrome. Eye 4: 607-612

Autonomic function in hypertension. Are there racial differences?. Circulation 81(4): 1305-1311

Autonomic function of patients with peripheral dizziness the analysis with cv value of r r interval of ecg and ptg. Oto-Rhino-Laryngology Tokyo 34(4): 5-14

Autonomic homeostasis in patients with occlusions in the bed of the internal carotid artery. Vrachebnoe Delo (10): 26-28

Autonomic, hormonal, and local circulatory effects of hemorrhage in conscious rabbits. American Journal of Physiology 258(1 Pt 2): H229-H239

Autonomic influence on cardiovascular performance in diabetic subjects. American Journal of Medicine 87(4): 382-388

Autonomic influence on pregnancy outcome in IDDM. Diabetes Care 13(7): 756-761

Autonomic influences on regional cardiac carbon 14 2 deoxyglucose uptake in paced dog heart. Basic Research in Cardiology 86(6): 523-533

Autonomic innervation of intra cranial and extra cranial arteries in the amphibia. Zoological Science (Tokyo) 6(2): 233-240

Autonomic innervation of reproductive organs: analysis of the neurons whose axons project in the main penile nerve in the pelvic plexus of the rat. Anatomical Record 224(1): 94-101

Autonomic innervation of the salivary glands in cebid monkeys: a histochemical study. Acta Anatomica 143(3): 211-218

Autonomic innervation to feline tracheal submucosal glands for mucus glycoprotein secretion. American Journal of Physiology 262(1 Pt 1): L15-L20

Autonomic mechanisms and sudden death. New insights from analysis of baroreceptor reflexes in conscious dogs with and without a myocardial infarction. Circulation 78(4): 969-979

Autonomic modulation of fetal atrial natriuretic factor and urine flow responses to vascular volume expansion. American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology 159(6): 1341-1346

Autonomic modulation of ultradian blood pressure and heart rate oscillations in dogs. American Journal of Physiology 256(5 Pt 2): R1127-R1137

Autonomic nerve and cardiovascular responses to changing blood oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in the rat. Journal of the Autonomic Nervous System 28(1): 61-74

Autonomic nerve antibodies and autonomic nerve function in type 1 and type 2 diabetic patients. Journal of Internal Medicine 229(6): 505-510

Autonomic nerve function in spino cerebellar degeneration pupillary supersensitivity to autonomic drugs. Folia Ophthalmologica Japonica 42(9): 1875-1881

Autonomic nerve function in vdt workers. Folia Ophthalmologica Japonica 39(10): 1890-1896

Autonomic nerve preserving operation a new classification for the operation of rectal cancer according to the degrees of the preserved autonomic nerve plexus. Journal of the Japan Society of Coloproctology 44(6): 923-933

Autonomic nervous activity in patients with chronic liver disease especially liver cirrhosis. Nihon Ika Daigaku Zasshi 58(1): 11-23

Autonomic nervous control in alcoholic patients under acupuncture treatment. Zhurnal Nevropatologii i Psikhiatrii Imeni S S Korsakova 88(10): 33-36

Autonomic nervous control of blood pressure and heart rate during hypoxia in the cod gadus morhua. Journal of Comparative Physiology B Biochemical Systemic & Environmental Physiology 160(3): 287-292

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Autonomic nervous reflexes in respiration elicited by mechanical stimulation of the velopharyngeal region in rabbits. Journal of the Autonomic Nervous System 26(2): 177-180

Autonomic nervous stimulation affects left ventricular relaxation more than left ventricular contraction. Journal of the Autonomic Nervous System 28(1): 15-26

Autonomic nervous system and cardiovascular variability in rats: a spectral analysis approach. American Journal of Physiology 261(4 Pt 2): H1292-9

Autonomic nervous system balance and personality. Personality & Individual Differences 10(3): 373-374

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Autonomic nervous system dysfunction alters drug effects: implications for testing drugs for the treatment of heart failure. Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology 20(1): 125-130

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Autonomic nervous system dysfunction associated with HIV infection in intravenous heroin users. Aids 6(1): 85-89

Autonomic nervous system function in migraine without aura. Headache 31(7): 457-462

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Autonomic nervous system in children with alopecia areata. Vestnik Dermatologii i Venerologii (1): 57-60

Autonomic nervous system in women with androgenetic alopecia. Vestnik Dermatologii i Venerologii (7): 48-51

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Autonomic nervous system response patterns correlate with mental imagery. Physiology & Behavior 51(5): 1021-1027

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Autonomic neuropathy in diabetics comparison of cardiovascular tests neurography and cerebral refractory period of somatosensory evoked potentials. Journal of Neurology 236(5): 278-283

Autonomic reactions during mnemonic activity in humans with different level of the functional mobility of nervous processes. Fiziologiya Cheloveka 14(3): 355-364

Autonomic receptor interactions in isolated cardiac myocytes from hypertensive rats. Journal of Molecular & Cellular Cardiology 21(8): 807-816

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Autonomic regulation of a chloride current in heart. Science (Washington D C) 244(4907): 983-985

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Autonomic regulation of cutaneous vascular resistance in the bullfrog Rana catesbeiana. Journal of Experimental Biology 152: 425-439

Autonomic regulation of delayed rectifier potassium current in mammalian heart involves g proteins. American Journal of Physiology 257(3 PART 2): H818-H823

Autonomic regulation of reflex bradycardia in rats declines with age. Experimental Gerontology 26(1): 65-76

Autonomic regulation of subsidiary atrial pacemakers during exercise. Journal of Applied Physiology 70(3): 1175-1183

Autonomic regulation of type 1 protein phosphatase in cardiac muscle. Journal of Biological Chemistry 264(7): 3859-3863

Autonomic responses and efferent pathways from the insular cortex in the rat. Journal of Comparative Neurology 303(3): 355-374

Autonomic responses to breath holding and its variations following pranayama. Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology 32(4): 257-264

Autonomic stimulation of short circuit current in swine trachea. Life Sciences 48(9): 873-880

Autonomic surface potential analysis: assessment of reproducibility and sensitivity. Muscle & Nerve 15(8): 926-931

Autonomic sympathetic nerve involvement in diabetic impotence. Neurourology & Urodynamics 8(6): 589-598

Autonomic tone changes during isometric exercise a noninvasive study in normal subjects and in hypertensive patients. American Journal of Noninvasive Cardiology 3(1): 58-63

Autonomous activity of the alternate aldolase A muscle promoter is maintained by a sequestering mechanism. Nucleic Acids Research 20(2): 327-336

Autonomous and nonautonomous dynamics of coordinated rhythmic movements. Ecological Psychology 4(2): 65-95

Autonomous death of amphibian (Xenopus laevis) cranial myotomes. Journal of Experimental Zoology 251(3): 290-299

Autonomous determination of anterior structures in the early Drosophila embryo by the bicoid morphogen. Development 109(4): 811-820

Autonomous development of embryonic testes of the quail coturnix coturnix japonica l. cultured as intracoelomic grafts. Zoologica Poloniae 34(1-4): 221-226

Autonomous differentiation of dorsal axial structures from an animal cap cleavage stage blastomere in Xenopus. Development 112(4): 1103-1114

Autonomous DNA binding domains of lambda integrase recognize two different sequence families. Cell 54(7): 923-929

Autonomous DNA replication in human cells is affected by the size and the source of the DNA. Molecular and Cellular Biology 11(4): 2263-2272

Autonomous fluorescence of ascidian blood cells with special reference to identification of vanadocytes. Experientia (Basel) 44(10): 906-907

Autonomous FSH synthesis in vitro in anterior pituitary glands and grafts from female rats. Journal of Endocrinology 129(1): 27-33

Autonomous function domains of chemically synthesized human immunodeficiency virus tat trans activator protein. Cell 55(6): 1179-1188

Autonomous growth and tumorigenicity induced by p40 interleukin 9 complementary dna transfection of a mouse p40 dependent t cell line. Journal of Experimental Medicine 173(2): 519-522

Autonomous growth of human t lymphotropic virus type i infected human lymphocytes treated with n methyl n' nitro n nitrosoguanidine and uv rays. Journal of Leukocyte Biology 50(4): 341-348

Autonomous healing of chicken flexor tendons in vitro. Journal of Hand Surgery 13A(5): 697-700

Autonomous informational stability in connective tissues. Medical Hypotheses 37(2): 107-114

Autonomous Local Area Control over Membrane Transport in Chara Internodal Cells. Plant Physiology 95(4): 1138-1143

Autonomous mesoderm formation in blastocoelic roof explants from inverted Xenopus embryos. International Journal of Developmental Biology 36(1): 115-122

Autonomous parvovirus DNA replication requires topoisomerase I and its activity is increased during infection. Journal of Virology 65(3): 1662-1665

Autonomous replication of plasmids bearing dna fragments from rat liver alpha polymerase complex. Molekulyarnaya Biologiya (Moscow) 24(3): 814-823

Autonomous roles for the cytoplasmic domains of the CD2 and CD4 T cell surface antigens. Embo Journal 10(2): 377-385

Autonomous taiga pedogenesis in the southwestern sea of okhotsk north pacific ocean area. Pochvovedenie (11): 16-27

Autonomous telemetric capsule to explore the small bowel. Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing 29(2): 191-196

Autonomous transposition of gypsy mobile elements and genetic instability in Drosophila melanogaster. Molecular & General Genetics 224(2): 303-308

Autonomously functioning thyroid nodule. Southern Medical Journal 82(2): 206-209

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Autonomy and separation process of students. Psychotherapie Psychosomatik Medizinische Psychologie 40(11): 432-440

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Autooscillations in physarum plasmodium i. correlation between force generation and viscoelasticity during rhythmical contractions of protoplasmic strand. Protoplasma Supplementum 1: 81-88

Autooxidation studies on the marine sesterterpene tetronic acid variabilin. Journal of Natural Products (Lloydia) 52(2): 346-359

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Autopericardial plasty of the right coronary artery in patients with coronary heart disease. Kardiologiya 30(7): 29-31

Autophagic degradation of peroxisomes in isolated rat hepatocytes. Febs Letters 304(1): 93-97

Autophagic degradation of protein generates a pool of ferric iron required for the killing of cultured hepatocytes by an oxidative stress. Molecular Pharmacology 37(3): 435-442

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Autophosphorylation activates the soluble cytoplasmic domain of the insulin receptor in an intermolecular reaction. Journal of Biological Chemistry 264(31): 18701-6

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