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Captopril in the treatment of chronic cardiac insufficiency

, : Captopril in the treatment of chronic cardiac insufficiency. Vrachebnoe Delo (8): 43-46

Patients (11), including 5 patients with ischemic heart disease and 6 patients with rheumatic heart disease were examined. Short-term treatment of patients with severe chronic cardiac insufficiency by small doses of captopril had favorable cardiovascular, hormonal and renal effects. This treatment reduced vasoconstriction, secondary aldosteronism, and renal retention of Na and water. It increased cardiac output and improved systemic and regional circulation. According to the data from the literature, positive changes are retained and even intensified in the course of long-term (weeks, months) treatment with captopril. The data obtained make it possible to recommend the use of this drug as part of multimodality therapy for patients with severe chronic cardiac insufficiency.


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