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Contractility is the main determinant of coronary systolic flow impediment

, : Contractility is the main determinant of coronary systolic flow impediment. American Journal of Physiology 257(6 Pt 2): H1936-H1944

We measured the relation between coronary flow amplitude (delta F = Fd-Fs; where d is diastolic and s is systolic) and developed left ventricular pressure (delta PLV = Ps-Pd) at a constant perfusion pressure of 75 mmHg (10 kPa) in the maximally vasodilated blood-perfused isolated cat heart for different steady-state levels of contractility (protocol A) and during transients in contractility (protocol B). Contractility was defined as the slope of the end-systolic pressure-volume relation (Emax). From protocol A it appeared that the coronary flow amplitude was only weakly related to left ventricular pressure at each steady-state level of contractility studied. However, the coronary flow amplitude was strongly related to the different levels of contractility. In protocol B, contractility was changed over a wide range of values (0-100%) but developed pressure and contractility changed simultaneously. Using multiple linear regression analysis, we found that contractility has approximately 10 times (range: 2.8-57.3) stronger effect than left ventricular pressure on coronary flow amplitude (n = 10 experiments). These data and our earlier observations suggest that it is the difference in stiffness of cardiac muscle between systole and diastole that determines coronary flow amplitude.


PMID: 2603978

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