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Description and distribution of acacia macracantha humb. et bonpl. ex willd. leguminosae mimosoideae in northern chile

, : Description and distribution of acacia macracantha humb. et bonpl. ex willd. leguminosae mimosoideae in northern chile. Gayana Botanica 48(1-4): 81-87

The widespread neotropical legume tree Acacia macracantha Humb. and Bonpl. ex Willd. is reported from several isolated habitats in the northern tip of Chile (I Region), where it reaches the austral endpoint of its natural distribution along the Pacific coast of South America. Hitherto, Acacia caven (Mol.) Mol. has been considered the only Acacia native to Chile. However, although much rarer, A. macracantha seems to deserve the label "native to Chile" as well. Variability in size and shape of pods, leaves, and stipular spines of A. macracantha has led to its being split into numerous regional taxa, many of which appear to be of dubious merit. Brief discussion is made of the relationship between A. macracantha and several closely related taxa from Peru, the Galapagos Islands, Central America, and especially with A. aroma Gill. ex Hook. and Arn. of northern Argentina.


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