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Differential effects on fatty acid compositions in the liver microsomes of thyroidectomized or streptozocin induced diabetic rats

, : Differential effects on fatty acid compositions in the liver microsomes of thyroidectomized or streptozocin induced diabetic rats. Chemical & Pharmaceutical Bulletin 39(9): 2382-2386

The purpose of the present study was to locate a controversial site and to make generalizations about the effects of thyroidectomy (Tx) and streptozocin (STZ) on the distribution pattern of an individual fatty acid in microsomal fractions of the animals thus treated. The results obtained were compared with the reported data. The effects of Tx on C18:1, C18:2, and all detectable C20 and C22 species harmonized well within each species; however the effects of Tx on C16 species and C18:0 varied within each species. Meanwhile, all the effects of STZ were identical within the species, but were often in opposite directions between two adjacent species; e.g. C18:0 and C18:1. These findings strongly indicate that desaturation and elongation sites were independently affected by either Tx or STZ. The comparison suggested that controversial effects appeared in the distribution proper to species C18. Therefore, delta 9-desaturase activity in the microsomal fractions was measured, using stearoyl coenzyme A (CoA) as substrate, resulting in some partial reduction in Tx, but complete suppression in STZ-treated animals. The total contents of phospholipid and cholesterol in the microsomes were also measured. Results showed a significant increase in microsomes within the STZ-group, but almost no change in the Tx-group, indicating that the changes in an individual fatty acid component and in the total fatty acids do not always take place in parallel.


PMID: 1804552

DOI: 10.1248/cpb.39.2382

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