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Effect of acidification by sulfuric acid containing industrial discharges on the humus status and biochemical characteristics of soda solonchak solonetz floodplains of the lower don river russian sfsr ussr

, : Effect of acidification by sulfuric acid containing industrial discharges on the humus status and biochemical characteristics of soda solonchak solonetz floodplains of the lower don river russian sfsr ussr. Izvestiya Severo-Kavkazskogo Nauchnogo Tsentra Vysshei Shkoly Estestvennye Nauki (4): 8-14

Change in the group and fractional composition of solonetz soil humus was studied following its acidification by discharged sulfuric acid wastes. Soda solonchak-solonetz soil from the Lower Don River floodplain was used. Two types of industrial discharges containing sulfuric acid were selected (one with 82% H2SO4 and up to 7% organic components, and the other containing 3.3% H2SO4 and 9% FeSO4). The harmlessness of these two substances was assessed by their effect on the germination of corn seeds and on the growth of barley plants. It was found that using sulfuric acid wastes does not have a negative effect on improved soils or soil biota, but on the contrary markedly increases biological activity and soil productivity.


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