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Effects of thiotepa on chromosomes of culex pipiens fatigans equal culex quinquefasciatus say diptera culicidae

, : Effects of thiotepa on chromosomes of culex pipiens fatigans equal culex quinquefasciatus say diptera culicidae. Cytologia (Tokyo) 55(4): 625-630

In recent times, the work on genetic control of insect pests has been very much facilitated by the use of chemosterilants. The present investigation has been carried out with an aim to study the cytogenetic effects of Thio-TEPA (triethyllenethiophosphoramide and CAS No. 52-24-4) an important chemosterilant, in the brain cells of mosquito Culex pipiens fatigans. Two day old larvae were reared in 25 ppm and 5 ppm of Thio-TEPA separately. The chromosomes prepared from the brain cells of mid fourth instar larvae reveal that 25 ppm of Thio-TEPA induces chromosomal abberrations at a higher rate. The frequency of various kinds of chromosomal abnormalities were analysed, and the nature of action and damage caused by Thio-TEPA are discussed.


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