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Electrocardiographic changes in parkinson's disease

, : Electrocardiographic changes in parkinson's disease. Revista Cubana de Medicina 27(7): 39-45

A group of 55 patients with Parkinson's disease of both sexes and mean age 62,9 years, with long standing disease and all in stage II are studied. The sample was divided into two groups (1 and 2) according to being or not treated with L-Dopa. No global differences were found in the occurrence of electroencephalographic changes between the two groups except for a higher incidence of alpha rhythm in group 1 patients and the presence of mechanographic artifacts of tremor only in group 2. There were EEG changes in 54.9% of patients due to diffuse slow activity in 13.7%, theta focal activity in 25.5%, generalized theta activity in 9.8% anbd paroxysmal activity only in 5.9%. There were pathologic changes with hyperventilation (HPV) in 23.5% of patients. The potential of L-Dopa in the stabilization of alpha rhythm and the control of tremor in the patients studied is discussed.


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