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Expression and function of the transfected CD8 alpha chain in murine T cell hybridomas

, : Expression and function of the transfected CD8 alpha chain in murine T cell hybridomas. International Immunology 2(10): 957-964

Expression and function of mouse and human CD8 (mCD8 and hCD8) .alpha. chain molecules in mouse T cell hybridomas were analyzed. The expression of cytolytic T lymphocyte-derived CD8 molecules was suppressed in hybridomas established by fusing the BW5147 thymoma to a CD8+ cytolytic T lymphocyte clone, while expression of CD4 reamined intact in BW .times. CD4+ helper T cell hybridomas. However, hybridomas established by fusing a cytolytic T cell clone with BW5147 cell lines, transfected with either the mCD8.alpha. or hCD8.alpha. chain, expressed the T cell-derived mCD8.beta. chain as a CD8 heterodimer (mCD8.alpha./mCD8.beta. or hCD8.alpha./mCD8.beta.). These data suggest tht negative regulatory mechanisms for the mCD8.alpha. gene in BW thymoma failed to suppresss mCD8.beta. gene expression, indicating different regulatory mechanisms for the tightly linked mCD8.alpha. and mCD8.beta. genes. Analysis of the antigen reactivity of the hybridomas revealed that the human CD8.alpha. chain failed to increase the mouse T cell receptor-class I MHC interaction, even as a heterodimeric form with mCD8.beta. molecules. However, both the human CD8.alpha. homodimer and the heterodimeric form with mCD8.beta. were found to be capable of suppressing the class II-restricted T cell response.


PMID: 2127694

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