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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 7346

Chapter 7346 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Fatigability of rat hindlimb muscle: associations between electromyogram and force during a fatigue test. Journal of Physiology 408: 251-270

Fatigue and cardiac and endocrine metabolic response to exercise after abdominal surgery. Surgery 105(1): 46-50

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Fatty Acid Acylated Proteins of the Halotolerant Alga Dunaliella salina. Plant Physiology 90(2): 549-552

Fatty acid acylation is not required for membrane fusion activity or glycoprotein assembly into VSV virions. Virology 185(2): 875-878

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Fatty acid and cholesterol changes in pork longissimus muscle and fat due to ractopamine. Journal of Food Science 57(5): 1266-1268

Fatty acid and elemental composition of the marine diatom chaetoceros gracilis schutt effects of silicate deprivation temperature and light intensity. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology & Ecology 122(2): 173-186

Fatty acid and glyceride composition of astrocaryum vulgare kernel fat. Journal of the Science of Food & Agriculture 48(1): 29-36

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Fatty acid and lipid composition of blood platelets in patients with alcoholism. Gematologiya i Transfuziologiya 34(6): 31-37

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Fatty acid and proximate composition of raw and cooked retail cuts of beef trimmed to different external fat levels. Meat Science 26(4): 295-311

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Fatty acid circuit as a physiological mechanism of uncoupling of oxidative phosphorylation. Febs Letters 294(3): 158-162

Fatty acid composition and content of rumen protozoa in cattle fed lucerne hay at restricted intake effects of oil supplement. Journal of Animal Physiology & Animal Nutrition 62(4): 181-187

Fatty acid composition and degree of peroxidation in fish oil and cod liver oil preparations. Arzneimittel-Forschung 38(12): 1783-1786

Fatty acid composition and fat cell size in the backfat of growing boars. Archiv fuer Tierzucht 34(1): 51-56

Fatty acid composition and milk quality related to feeding calcium saponified palm acid oil to different breeds of dairy cows. Journal of Dairy Research 57(1): 23-32

Fatty acid composition and molecular distribution of triacylglycerol isolated from depot fat of crossbred steers of brahman sire x japanese black japanese shorthorn and holstein dams. Japanese Journal of Zootechnical Science 61(12): 1077-1083

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Fatty acid composition and the hydrophilic properties of phospholipids in seedlings of spring and winter wheat growing at 20 c and 2 c. Physiologia Plantarum 85(2): 129-132

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