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Four cases of fibrous dysplasia of the maxilla

, : Four cases of fibrous dysplasia of the maxilla. Practica Otologica Kyoto (SUPPL 48): 133-139

Four cases of fibrous dysplasia of the maxillary bone are reported. In these cases, three cases were monostotic type and one case was polystotic type. Case 1. A 21-year-old woman complained of swelling on the right side of her zygomatic region. The diagnosis of fibrous dysplasia was made histologically under exploratory and conservative operations. No recurrence was seen postoperatively. Case 2. A 57-year-old woman suffered from swelling of the left zygomatic region and nasal obstruction. The tumor was located in the maxillary sinus and was removed completely. Case 3. A 13-year-old boy developed swelling of the left zygomatic region. Under roentgenological examination, a tumor was seen to the left maxilla, mandible, ethmoid, sphenoid, zygomatic arch, frontal bone and temporal bone. Case 4. A 7-year-old boy complained of swelling deformity on the right side of his face. Diagnosis of the facial bone was made histologically under exploratory operation.


DOI: 10.5631/jibirinsuppl1986.1991.supplement48_133

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