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Gonad development of placuna placenta linnaeus fed isochrysis galbana parke tetraselmis tetrahele g.s. west butch or their combination

, : Gonad development of placuna placenta linnaeus fed isochrysis galbana parke tetraselmis tetrahele g.s. west butch or their combination. Aquaculture 102(4): 357-361

A study was conducted to determine a suitable algal diet for the window-pane oyster, Placuna placenta Linnaeus, during gonad development. Sexually immature P. placenta (70 mm shell height) were fed Isochrysis galbana Parke, Tetraselmis tetrahele (G. S. West) Butch, or their 1:1 combination, at 100,000 cells per ml divided into two rations per day. Temperature and salinity ranged from 27 to C and 28 to 32 ppt, respectively. Monthly gonad histological examination showed a rapid gonad development in P. placenta fed the combination of I. galbana and T. tetrahele, attaining sexual maturity in the third month of rearing, a month ahead of those fed single algal species.


DOI: 10.1016/0044-8486(92)90188-q

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