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Grafting take and subsequent growth of apple cultivars on dwarfing rootstocks

, : Grafting take and subsequent growth of apple cultivars on dwarfing rootstocks. Norsk Landbruksforsking 6(1): 39-44

Six apple cultivars ('Aroma', 'Filippa', 'Red Torstein', 'Summerred', 'Tohoku 2' and 'Akero Hassel') were grafted on 11 different rootstocks (B9, P1, P2, J-TE-B, J-TE-C, J-TE-E, J-TE-F, J-TE-G, J-TE-H, M26 and MM106). With the exception of graftings on J-TE-C (87%) and P2 (84%), more than 90% of the grafts took successfully after copulation in spring. After the first growing season J-TE-F, J-TE-G, P2 and B9 had grown less than M26, while maximum growth was observed for P1, J-TE-B and J-TE-C. A statistically significant interaction was observed between rootstock and cultivar for both height and stem diameter. The rootstocks could be ranked in the same order after the first growing season as that found by other authors when recording fruit-bearing trees.


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