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Granule formation and polarity of the Golgi apparatus in neutrophil granulocytes of the rat

, : Granule formation and polarity of the Golgi apparatus in neutrophil granulocytes of the rat. Anatomical Record 223(2): 128-138

The formation of granules in neutrophil (heterophil) progenitor cells was examined with the electron microscope in sections of rat bone marrow fixed in 2% glutaraldehyde and postfixed with reduced osmium (Karnovsky: Proceedings of the 11th Meeting, American Society of Cell Biologists, Abstr. 284, p. 146, 1971). The cells were also osmicated in 2% osmium tetroxide for 36 hours at 37 degrees C to outline the osmiophilic element usually observed on the cis-face of the stacks of saccules of the Golgi apparatus of various cell types. In myeloblasts, which do not produce granules, the cis-osmiophilic element (CE) was found on the concave face of the C-shaped Golgi stacks. In promyelocytes the CE was present on the convex aspect of the C-shaped stacks, while the primary (azurophilic) granules formed in relation to elements on the concave aspects of the stacks. In myelocytes, the situation was reversed: the CE was found on the concave face of the Golgi stacks, while the secondary (specific) granules were seen forming in relation to elements on the convex aspect of the stacks. Finally, in metamyelocytes and mature neutrophils in which no granule formation took place, the appearance on Golgi stacks varied: they were either flat or C-shaped. The CE was indiscriminately found on one face or the other of the flat Golgi stacks of metamyetocytes and on the convex or concave faces of the C-shaped Golgi stacks of mature neutrophils. Using the cis-osmiophilic-element as a marker of the cis-face of the stacked Golgi elements, it thus appeared that despite marked changes in the configuration and orientation of the stacks of the cis-trans polarity of the stacked elements was maintained throughout granulopoiesis. In addition the primary and secondary granules that appeared sequentially in promyelocytes and myelocytes were both seen to form in relation to trans-elements of the Golgi apparatus.


PMID: 2712340

DOI: 10.1002/ar.1092230204

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