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Identification of growth hormone binding protein in rat serum

, : Identification of growth hormone binding protein in rat serum. Molecular & Cellular Endocrinology 70(2): 197-202

The present report describes the initial characterization of a specific, high-affinity growth hormone binding protein (GH-BP) in adult male rat serum. GH-BP activity was measured by incubation of rat serum with [125I]hGH and [125I]rGH and separation of bound from free GH by dextran-coated charcoal. [125I]hGH binding to rat serum was dependent on serum concentration and incubation time, equilibrium being reached within 10 min both at 4 and C. Binding was rapidly and completely reversible and specific for somatogenic (but not lactogenic) hormones. Scatchard analysis yielded a linear plot with an affinity (Ka) of 1.51 .+-. 0.63 .times. 108 M-1. Preliminary data obtained in various physiological conditions showed that GH-BP activity in adult male rats was 5.95 .+-. 0.20%/0.1 ml serum. Significantly higher values were obtained in sera of female (21.66 .+-. 0.79%/0.1 ml serum) and pregnant rats (23.02 .+-. 1.15%/0.1 ml serum). A closer analysis of these binding values by Scatchard analysis revealed that the binding capacity in pregnant rats (50.5 .+-. 5.8 pmol/0.1 ml serum) was significantly higher than in adult female estrous rats (19.2 .+-. 6.5 pmol/0.1 ml serum), both being much higher than in adult male rats (2.5 .+-. 0.6 pmol/0.1 ml serum). The GH-BP activity of 10-day-old rats was only .apprx. 63% of the adult male rat value. The presence of high-affinity GH-specific binding protein in rat serum suggests a probable action in regulation of GH activity. The detailed physiological role of rat serum GH-BP is currently being investigated.


PMID: 2347430

DOI: 10.1016/0303-7207(90)90159-6

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