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Joint probability analysis of momentum and heat fluxes at a deciduous forest

, : Joint probability analysis of momentum and heat fluxes at a deciduous forest. Boundary-Layer Meteorology 52(3): 283-300

Turbulent transport processes for momentum and scalar quantities are examined by a joint probability distribution analysis using data observed within and above a deciduous forest. Characteristics of transport processes in the frequency domain were also analyzed using Tukey's procedure. The results confirm that sweep phenomena prevail within and at the top of a tall plant canopy and that downdrafts are more effective for vertical transport of momentum and scalar quantities. On the other hand, updrafts become more efficient for vertical transport in the daytime at levels about twice treetop height. The results show that within the forest, the sweep phenomenon prevails over a wide frequency range, while above the forest, prevalence of the ejection phenomenon is limited to low frequencies. it is again noted that the plant canopy plays an important role in the sweep-ejection cycle as well as in turbulent transport processes.


DOI: 10.1007/bf00122091

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