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Late pleistocene large mammalian herbivores implications for early human hunting patterns in southern california usa

, : Late pleistocene large mammalian herbivores implications for early human hunting patterns in southern california usa. Bulletin Southern California Academy of Sciences 87(3): 89-103

The paleogeographic distribution of large herbivorous mammals and their inferred migratory and behavioral patterns may be critical in reconstructing the scheduling and procurement strategies of early human hunters in the southwestern USA. During Rancholabrean time there were provincial differences in faunal composition between the southwestern Great basin and Mojave Desert, intermontane southern California, and coastal southern California. Such provinciality is not unexpected, especially in view of ecological differences between continental and maritime conditions during the late Pleistocene. Although many large mammalian herbivores ranged widely throughout this region, the distribution of rare or provincially endemic taxa (such as Tapirus) and the relative abundance of common taxa (e.g., species of Equus, Camelops, Hemiauchenia, and Bison), reflect local paleoecological conditions and habitat patterns. These data suggest that if human hunters were present in the region, their procurement strategies should reflect faunal provinciality and would have been adjusted to local mammalian distributions and conditions.


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