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Naloxone does not modify fenfluramine induced prolactin increase in obese patients

, : Naloxone does not modify fenfluramine induced prolactin increase in obese patients. Clinical Endocrinology 35(6): 505-508

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate whether the supposed physiological interaction between serotoninergic and opiodidergic pathways in the modulation of PRL release is preserved in human obesity, a pathological condition in which these two systems are greatly impaired. DESIGN: According to a single-blind randomized procedure, three tests were performed: test A (oral lacebo + saline infusion over 5 hours), test B (fenfluramine, a well known serotoninergic drug, 60 mg orally + saline infusion over 5 hours) and test C (fenfluramine at the same dose + naloxone, an opiiate receptor antagonist, infusion over 5 hours at a dose of 3 mg/h). PATIENTS: Ten obese women (body mass index 34.4 .+-. 2.3 kg/m2, mean .+-. SE) and ten normal-weight sex and age-matched subjects (body mass index 22.3 .+-. 2.4 kg/m2) volunteered for the study. MEASUREMENTS: At each test, blood samples for PRL determination were collected in basal conditions (time 0) and every hour for 5 hours. Plasma PRL was determined by radioimmunoassay. RESULTS: In controls, naloxone significantly reduced the clear-cut PRL increase induced by fenfluramine. In obese patients, serotoninergic stimulation caused an increment in PRL levels similar to that in the controls, but opioid receptor blockade by naloxone did not affect this response. CONCLUSIONS: These findings confirm that there is a physiological relationship between the serotoninergic and the opioidergic systems in the control of PRL secretion and show that this interaction is not present in obese subjects. Our data provide indirect proof of the functional impairment of these two systems in human obesity.


PMID: 1769132

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