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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 7623

Chapter 7623 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Organization of the f 0 sector of escherichia coli proton atpase the polar loop region of subunit c extends from the cytoplasmic face of the membrane. Biochemistry 28(10): 4340-4343

Organization of the forelimb area in squirrel monkey motor cortex representation of digit wrist and elbow muscles. Experimental Brain Research 89(1): 1-19

Organization of the GABAergic system in the rat hippocampal formation: a quantitative immunocytochemical study. Journal of Comparative Neurology 280(2): 254-271

Organization of the gene encoding common acute lymphoblastic leukemia antigen (neutral endopeptidase 24.11): multiple miniexons and separate 5' untranslated regions. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 86(18): 7103-7107

Organization of the gene family encoding mouse U3B RNA: role of gene conversions in its concerted evolution. Gene 94(2): 263-272

Organization of the gene for human erythrocyte membrane protein 4.2: structural similarities with the gene for the a subunit of factor XIII. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 88(11): 4840-4844

Organization of the genes coding for the reaction center l and m subunits and b870 antenna polypeptides alpha and beta from the aerobic photosynthetic bacterium erythrobacter sp och114. Molecular Microbiology 5(6): 1459-1468

Organization of the genes encoding iron hydrogenase in desulfovibrio vulgaris ssp oxamicus monticello. Journal of Bacteriology 171(7): 3881-3889

Organization of the Haemophilus influenzae Rd genome. Journal of Bacteriology 171(6): 3016-3024

Organization of the hamster cumulus extracellular matrix a hyaluronate glycoprotein gel which modulates sperm access to the oocyte. Development Growth & Differentiation 32(4): 353-366

Organization of the histaminergic system in the brain of the teleost, Trachurus trachurus. Journal of Comparative Neurology 310(1): 94-102

Organization of the histaminergic system in the brain of the turtle Chinemys reevesii. Journal of Comparative Neurology 297(1): 132-144

Organization of the histone h 3 and h 4 multigenic families in maize and in related genomes. Molecular & General Genetics 219(3): 404-412

Organization of the human CD3 locus on chromosome 11. European Journal of Immunology 18(10): 1639-1642

Organization of the human cholesteryl ester transfer protein gene. Biochemistry 29(6): 1372-1376

Organization of the human lipoprotein lipase gene and evolution of the lipase gene family. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 86(24): 9647-9651

Organization of the internal membrane system in the principal cells of the mouse epididymis after osmium impregnation. Reproduction, Nutrition, Developpement 28(5): 1237-1250

Organization of the lobe of the azygos vein. European Archives of Biology 101(3): 319-330

Organization of the lux genes of photobacterium phosphoreum. Journal of Bioluminescence & Chemiluminescence 3(4): 201-206

Organization of the lymphatic vessels and their relationships to blood vessels in rabbit Peyer's patches. Archives of Histology and Cytology 53 Suppl: 155-164

Organization of the mammary secretory cell cytoskeletal structures. Tsitologiya 33(1): 3-7

Organization of the membrane skeleton in spreading mouse blastomeres. I. Morphological analysis. Anatomical Record 231(2): 225-237

Organization of the mitochondrial genome of Atlantic cod, Gadus morhua. Nucleic Acids Research 18(3): 411-419

Organization of the motor nuclei in the cervical spinal cord of salamanders. Journal of Comparative Neurology 278(2): 195-208

Organization of the mouse motor cortex studied by retrograde tracing and intracortical microstimulation (ICMS) mapping. Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences. le Journal Canadien des Sciences Neurologiques 18(1): 28-38

Organization of the murine and human interleukin 7 receptor genes two messenger rnas generated by differential splicing and presence of a type i interferon inducible promoter. Molecular & Cellular Biology 11(6): 3052-3059

Organization of the murine immunoglobulin VH complex: placement of two new VH families (VH10 and VH11) and analysis of VH family clustering and interdigitation. Molecular Immunology 27(11): 1073-1081

Organization of the network properties of cells in local and distributed neuronal networks in the cat brain. Zhurnal Vysshei Nervnoi Deyatel'nosti Imeni I P Pavlova 41(1): 95-106

Organization of the niagara escarpment ontario canada cliff community. Canadian Journal of Botany 67(9): 2731-2742

Organization of the niagara escarpment ontario canada cliff community ii. characterization of the physical environment. Canadian Journal of Botany 68(9): 1931-1941

Organization of the pharmacotechniques area of a 1600 bed general teaching hospital. Farmacia Clinica 7(4): 336-338, 340-342

Organization of the pontine nuclei. Neuroscience Research 13(2): 83-118

Organization of the prey paralyzation phase during the nesting cycle of the digger wasp podalonia hirsuta scopoli. Annales des Sciences Naturelles Zoologie et Biologie Animale 11(2): 73-92

Organization of the primary projections of the lateral line nerves in the lamprey Lampetra japonica. Journal of Comparative Neurology 295(2): 277-289

Organization of the projection from the superficial to the deep layers of the hamster's superior colliculus as demonstrated by the anterograde transport of Phaseolus vulgaris leucoagglutinin. Journal of Comparative Neurology 283(1): 54-70

Organization of the regulatory elements and nuclear activities participating in the transcription of the human apolipoprotein B gene. Journal of Biological Chemistry 267(11): 7956-7956

Organization of the regulatory region of apolipoprotein a 1 apo a 1 gene in rabbits and humans. Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR 313(2): 482-484

Organization of the reticular network of rabbit palatine tonsils. Okayama Igakkai Zasshi 104(5-6): 663-675

Organization of the reticular network of rabbit Peyer's patches. Anatomical Record 229(2): 251-258

Organization of the ribosomal RNA genes in Treponema phagedenis and Treponema pallidum. Microbiology and Immunology 36(2): 161-167

Organization of the rice chloroplast psaa psab rps14 gene and the presence of sequence heterogeneity in this gene cluster. Plant Science (Shannon) 68(2): 213-222

Organization of the salivary glands in the repeatedly fed nymphs and adult mites of hirsutiella zachvatkini schlug. acariformes trombiculidae. Entomologicheskoe Obozrenie 68(4): 882-893

Organization of the screening programme in Bialystok Province. European Journal of Gynaecological Oncology 13(1 Suppl): 25-29

Organization of the sea urchin egg endoplasmic reticulum and its reorganization at fertilization. Journal of Cell Biology 114(5): 929-940

Organization of the septal organ projection to the main olfactory bulb in adult and newborn rats. Journal of Comparative Neurology 323(2): 288-298

Organization of the six motor nuclei innervating the ocular muscles in lamprey. Journal of Comparative Neurology 294(4): 491-506

Organization of the soft body in aconeceras ammonitina interpreted on the basis of shell morphology and muscle scars. Palaeontographica Abteilung A Palaeozoologie-Stratigraphie 218(1-3): 17-34

Organization of the spinal cord in four species of elasmobranch fish: cytoarchitecture and distribution of serotonin and selected neuropeptides. Journal of Comparative Neurology 297(2): 201-218

Organization of the stretch response to milk in the rat fetus. Developmental Psychobiology 25(1): 33-49

Organization of the superior olivary complex in the guinea pig. I. Cytoarchitecture, cytochrome oxidase histochemistry, and dendritic morphology. Journal of Comparative Neurology 314(4): 645-670

Organization of the superior olivary complex in the guinea pig: II. Patterns of projection from the periolivary nuclei to the inferior colliculus. Journal of Comparative Neurology 317(4): 438-455

Organization of the sympathetic postganglionic innervation of the rat heart. Journal of the Autonomic Nervous System 28(3): 193-202

Organization of the system of positive motivation in the brain of dogs. Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR 319(6): 1508-1510

Organization of the thalamostriatal projections in the rat, with special emphasis on the ventral striatum. Journal of Comparative Neurology 299(2): 187-228

Organization of the trophic chamber of homopteran insects 2. membracidae cicadomorpha. Cytobios 66(265): 113-120

Organization of the vascular supply to the brain of the toad bufo marinus. Australian Journal of Zoology 38(4): 375-386

Organization of the ventral tegmental area projections to the hippocampus in the rat. Bollettino Societa Italiana Biologia Sperimentale 65(7): 647-654

Organization of the vimentin system and its spatial relationship to the microtubule complex during the division of mammalian cells growing attached and in suspension. European Journal of Cell Biology 49(1): 189-195

Organization of the visual sector of the thalamic reticular nucleus in galago evidence that the dorsal lateral geniculate and pulvinar nuclei occupy separate parallel tiers. European Journal of Neuroscience 2(3): 211-226

Organization of the visual system in larval lampreys: an HRP study. Journal of Comparative Neurology 302(3): 529-542

Organization of the vomeronasal organ in a plethodontid salamander. Journal of Morphology 198(2): 243-255

Organization of the zebra finch song control system: II. Functional organization of outputs from nucleus Robustus archistriatalis. Journal of Comparative Neurology 309(4): 486-494

Organization of the zona incerta in the macaque: a Nissl and Golgi study. Journal of Comparative Neurology 320(3): 273-290

Organization of tilapia rendalli schools in the americana reservoir sao paulo brazil. Revista Brasileira de Biologia 49(3): 749-756

Organization of time in biological systems. Zhurnal Obshchei Biologii 50(1): 72-81

Organization of tomato bushy stunt virus genome: characterization of the coat protein gene and the 3' terminus. Virology 169(1): 42-50

Organization of transcriptionally inactive sites of interphase chromosomes. Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR 312(4): 978-980

Organization of tubules in the human caput epididymidis and the ultrastructure of their epithelia. American Journal of Anatomy 191(3): 261-279

Organization of tyrosine hydroxylase immunoreactive neurons in the diencephalon and mesencephalon of the american bullfrog rana catesbeiana during metamorphosis. Cell & Tissue Research 263(1): 155-164

Organization of visceral and limbic connections in the insular cortex of the rat. Journal of Comparative Neurology 311(1): 1-16

Organization of visual cortical inputs to the striatum and subsequent outputs to the pallido-nigral complex in the monkey. Journal of Comparative Neurology 298(2): 129-156

Organization of visual cortical projections to fetal tectal transplants in rats a study using multiple retrograde tracers. Brain Research 536(1-2): 153-162

Organization of visual inputs to the inferior temporal and posterior parietal cortex in macaques. Journal of Neuroscience 11(1): 168-190

Organization of visual projections in different cortical areas in cats. Izvestiya Akademii Nauk Gruzinskoi SSR Seriya Biologicheskaya 16(4): 253-258

Organization principles in the song of the woodlark lullula arborea. Journal fuer Ornithologie 131(3): 279-290

Organization scores of self and other on the repertory grid. British Journal of Medical Psychology 65: 39-45

Organization, structure, and expression of the gene encoding the rat substance P receptor. Journal of Biological Chemistry 266(7): 4366-4374

Organizational analysis of elav gene and functional analysis of ELAV protein of Drosophila melanogaster and Drosophila virilis. Molecular and Cellular Biology 11(6): 2994-3000

Organizational and morphological features of cat sacrocaudal motoneurons. Journal of Comparative Neurology 318(2): 209-221

Organizational and staff attitudinal determinants of falls in nursing home residents. Medical Care 27(7): 737-749

Organizational aspects of outpatient and inpatient psychiatric aid. Zhurnal Nevropatologii i Psikhiatrii Imeni S S Korsakova 91(11): 3-6

Organizational changes in cholinergic activity and enhanced visuospatial memory as a function of choline administered prenatally or postnatally or both. Behavioral Neuroscience 103(6): 1234-1241

Organizational climate and job satisfaction. Psychologia 31(2): 106-112

Organizational culture and youth and community worker's professionalism. Archivio di Psicologia Neurologia e Psichiatria 53(1): 33-53

Organizational levels analysis a key to understanding processes in natural systems. Journal of Theoretical Biology 149(2): 203-216

Organizational measures for detecting patients with nonspecific diseases of the lungs and for their dynamic dispensary observation. Problemy Tuberkuleza (3): 8-11

Organizational peculiarities and morphometrical characteristics of the hemomicrocirculatory bed of the human brain dura mater. Arkhiv Anatomii Gistologii i Embriologii 96(3): 30-36

Organizational perspective on cognitive control functioning and cognitive affective balance in maltreated children. Developmental Psychology 25(3): 382-393

Organizational principles of the outpatient examination of patients with suspected cancer. Voprosy Onkologii (St Petersburg) 36(8): 961-966

Organizational problems in rendering antisarcoidosis assistance to the population of the russian sfsr ussr. Problemy Tuberkuleza (2): 25-27

Organizational role of testosterone on the biochemical and morphological development of the hypogastric ganglion. Brain Research 485(1): 1-10

Organizational strategies to improve influenza vaccine delivery. A standing order in a general medicine clinic. Archives of Internal Medicine 148(10): 2205-2207

Organized chronic subdural hematoma; report of two cases. No Shinkei Geka. Neurological Surgery 19(9): 861-865

Organized responding in instrumental learning chunks and superchunks. Learning & Motivation 21(4): 415-433

Organizing an efficient trauma team. Injury 23(2): 107-110

Organizing for risk oriented climate alteration research. Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association 41(12): 1570-1578

Organizing therapeutic aid to patients with hereditary neuromuscular diseases. Zhurnal Nevropatologii i Psikhiatrii Imeni S S Korsakova 89(12): 26-29

Organo crystalline interactions in evaporite systems the effects of crystallization inhibition. Journal of Sedimentary Petrology 61(5): 704-718

Organoaluminum induced ring opening of epoxypyranosides iv. synthesis and structure of gamma hydroxyisoleucine stereoisomers and their corresponding lactones. Tetrahedron 47(32): 6469-6482

Organoaluminum induced ring opening of epoxypyranosides v. formal total synthesis of antimycin a 3 and synthesis of dextro blastmycinone. Tetrahedron 47(32): 6483-6492

Organoapatites: materials for artificial bone. I. Synthesis and microstructure. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research 26(2): 169-183

Organoboron monosaccharides xvi. selective syntheses of the methyl alpha d furanosides of lyxose and mannose using ethyldimethoxyborane. Liebigs Annalen der Chemie (8): 807-810

Organochlorinated pesticides in animal fats. Revista de la Facultad de Ingenieria Quimica Universidad Nacional del Litoral (Santa Fe) 48: 37-48

Organochlorinated pesticides residues in sediment of ribeirao do lobo broa reservoir sao carlos sao paulo brazil. Ciencia e Cultura (Sao Paulo) 40(9): 900-905

Organochlorine chemicals in human breast milk in Hong Kong. Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 18(4): 490-494

Organochlorine compounds and pcb congeners in contaminated sediments. Science of the Total Environment 86(3): 273-280

Organochlorine compounds in human milk. Zentralblatt für Hygiene und Umweltmedizin 190(5-6): 558-568

Organochlorine concentrations in the plankton of lakes in southern ontario and their relationship to plankton biomass. Canadian Journal of Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences 48(10): 1960-1966

Organochlorine contaminants in narwhal (Monodon monoceros) from the Canadian Arctic. Environmental Pollution 75(3): 307-316

Organochlorine contamination in water of the donana national park spain. Water Research 23(1): 57-60

Organochlorine insecticide residues in human and cow's milk in colombia. Boletin de la Oficina Sanitaria Panamericana 108(3): 220-228

Organochlorine pesticide and polychlorinated biphenyl residues in foodstuffs from Bangkok, Thailand. Environmental Pollution 72(3): 191-203

Organochlorine pesticide and polychlorinated biphenyl residues in slaughtered and game animal fats from the northern part of Poland. Zeitschrift für Lebensmittel-Untersuchung und -Forschung 195(1): 17-21

Organochlorine pesticide contaminations in human milk samples from women living in Amman, Jordan. Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 23(2): 235-239

Organochlorine pesticide residues concentration and entomological test in italian and greek durum wheat produced in 1987. Rivista della Societa Italiana di Scienza dell'Alimentazione 17(5): 379-384

Organochlorine pesticide residues in different grades of sri lanka tea. Chemie Mikrobiologie Technologie der Lebensmittel 13(3-4): 89-94

Organochlorine pesticide residues in different Indian cereals, pulses, spices, vegetables, fruits, milk, butter, Deshi ghee, and edible oils. Journal - Association of Official Analytical Chemists 73(4): 509-512

Organochlorine pesticide residues in fishes of the ribeirao do lobo broa reservoir sao carlos sao paulo brazil. Ciencia e Cultura (Sao Paulo) 40(6): 586-590

Organochlorine pesticide residues in fresh sausages. Anales de Bromatologia 43(4): 373-382

Organochlorine pesticide residues in the sediments of some river nile distributaries and drains egypt. Pakistan Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research 34(11): 436-438

Organochlorine pesticide residues in the surface sediments of the cienaga grande de santa marta colombian caribbean. Anales del Instituto de Investigaciones Marinas de Punta de Betin (18): 127-136

Organochlorine pesticide residues in zooplankton of a tropical estuary south india. Bulletin of Plankton Society of Japan 37(1): 59-68

Organochlorine pesticide residues present in standard powdered milk and powdered baby's milk. Biotica (Mexico) 13(1-2): 59-68

Organochlorine pesticides and metals in human amniotic fluid its relationship with fetal development. Agricultural & Biological Research 4(1): 25-31

Organochlorine pesticides and phthalates in samples of rice and soil from piedras negras veracruz mexico. Biotica (Mexico) 13(1-2): 93-102

Organochlorine pesticides and polychlorinated biphenyls in adipose fat of slaughter animals from the northern region of poland 1986. Bromatologia i Chemia Toksykologiczna 22(3-4): 176-181

Organochlorine pesticides pcb and heavy metals residues in eggs of the black headed gull larus ridibundus in czechoslovakia. Folia Zoologica 38(1): 79-86

Organochlorine pesticides pcbs and mercury in antarctic and subantarctic seabirds. Chemosphere 19(12): 2007-2022

Organochlorine residues in fish from lake victoria kenya. African Journal of Ecology 28(3): 234-239

Organochlorine residues in great blue herons from the northwestern usa. Colonial Waterbirds 11(2): 293-300

Organochlorine residues in human adipose tissues of subjects from the trento province italy. Igiene Moderna 96(3): 285-298

Organochlorine residues in mississippi usa raccoons. Journal of Wildlife Management 54(4): 591-594

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Organochlorines and breeding success in cattle egrets from the mexicali valley baja california mexico. Colonial Waterbirds 14(2): 127-132

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Organochlorines in bottlenose dolphins tursiops truncatus from the east coast of south africa. South African Journal of Marine Science (8): 207-218

Organochlorines in common dolphins caught in shark nets during the natal south africa sardine run. South African Journal of Zoology 25(2): 144-148

Organochlorines in different fractions of sediments and in different planktonic compartments of the Belgian continental shelf and the Scheldt estuary. Environmental Pollution 66(4): 325-349

Organochlorines mercury and selenium in wintering shorebirds from washington usa and california usa. California Fish & Game 76(2): 118-125

Organocobalamins containing a cytostatic in the beta ligand synthesis and properties. Khimiko-Farmatsevticheskii Zhurnal 24(1): 12-15

Organocuprate mediated alkylation of sugar epoxides new stereospecific route to 3 c alkyl 3 deoxy alpha d glucose. Journal of the Chemical Society Perkin Transactions I (4): 727-732

Organocyanocopper trifluoroborane mediated 1 3 chirality transfer reaction of gamma mesyloxy alpha alkyl alpha beta enoates for the construction of chiral quaternary carbon centers with high optical purity. Journal of Organic Chemistry 54(17): 4055-4061

Organogenesis and a general procedure for plant regeneration from callus culture of a commercial duboisia hybrid duboisia leichardtii x duboisia myoporoides. Plant Cell Reports 11(4): 207-210

Organogenesis and embryogenesis in mature zygotic embryos of Picea sitchensis. Tree Physiology 4(3): 291-300

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Organogenesis from selected culture lines of pyrethrum chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium vis. clone hsl 801. Pyrethrum Post 17(1): 17-20

Organogenesis in cell cultures of leafy spurge (Euphorbiaceae) accessions from Europe and North America. Plant Cell Reports 7(4): 253-256

Organogenesis in Drosophila melanogaster: embryonic salivary gland determination is controlled by homeotic and dorsoventral patterning genes. Development 114(1): 49-57

Organogenesis in vigna radiata l. wilczek. Indian Journal of Experimental Biology 29(7): 619-622

Organogenesis in vitro in the bamboo dendrocalamus strictus nees. Journal of Plant Anatomy & Morphology (Jodhpur) 5(1): 21-28

Organogenesis of the harderian gland in rana esculenta and bufo viridis. Bollettino di Zoologia 57(3): 221-224

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Organogenesis of the pistillate flower of begonia horticola begoniaceae. Canadian Journal of Botany 67(2): 559-572

Organogenesis stage cytochrome p450 isoforms utilization of pcr for detection of cyp1a1 messenger rna in rat conceptal tissues. Biochemical & Biophysical Research Communications 178(1): 236-241

Organogenesis vs. embryogenesis from long term suspension cultures of cucumber cucumis sativus l. Plant Cell Reports 8(2): 116-119

Organogenetic potential of apical meristems and seed productivity in angiosperms. Vestnik Moskovskogo Universiteta Seriya XVI Biologiya (4): 25-33

Organographic and ontogenetic studies on the inflorescence of lespedeza cuneata dum. cours. g. don leguminosae. Botanical Magazine Tokyo 103(1070): 217-232

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Organoid reorganization of human tumors under in vitro conditions. Cell & Tissue Research 264(3): 563-576

Organoiron mediated alkylation of phosphite esters synthesis of dicarbonyl eta 5 cyclopentadienyliron derived nucleoside phosphonate esters. Journal of Organic Chemistry 57(3): 873-876

Organoleptic changes and destabilization of market sterilized and uht milk. Anales de Bromatologia 40(1): 61-70

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Organometallic complexes in ascidian embryonic development i. effects on gametes and fertilization. Acta Embryologiae et Morphologiae Experimentalis New Series 10(3): 237-258

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Organophosphorus compounds causing poisoning in patients an admitted to the hacettepe university children's hospital turkey. Cocuk Sagligi ve Hastaliklari Dergisi 33(4): 289-296

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Organophosphorus osteotropic cyclopodands. Bulletin de la Societe Chimique de France 128(5): 787-795

Organophosphorus pesticide residues in some watercourses from merida venezuela. Science of the Total Environment 114: 195-204

Organophosphorus resistance in aphis gossypii hemiptera aphididae on chrysanthemum in the uk. Annals of Applied Biology 116(3): 557-562

Organoselenides as potential immunostimulants and inducers of interferon gamma and other cytokines in human peripheral blood leukocytes. Experientia (Basel) 46(3): 308-311

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Organosilane insecticides part ii. chemistry and structure activity relationships. Pesticide Science 28(3): 309-320

Organosolv pulping v. formic acid delignification of eucalyptus globulus and eucalyptus grandis. Bioresource Technology 37(1): 1-6

Organospecific activation of azathioprine in mice: role of liver metabolism in mutation induction. Carcinogenesis 9(6): 1011-1015

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