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Possibility of incorporation of macromolecules including exogenous dna into sex cells the liposome method and calcium phosphorus coprecipitation method

, : Possibility of incorporation of macromolecules including exogenous dna into sex cells the liposome method and calcium phosphorus coprecipitation method. Tsitologiya i Genetika 24(2): 52-55

Liposomes loaded with FITC-labeled albumin in the presence of PEG-1 500 are actively sorbed on the membranes of mature spermatozoa and remain attached even after thorough washing. Immature sperm cells are able to incorporate alien DNA carried by liposomes. In contrast, the mature spermatozoa could not incorporate plasmid DNA loaded with positively charged liposomes. Chlortetracycline in Ca-P coprecipitate crystals is tightly fixed in the postacrosomal region of mature sperms. Intensity of staining of chlortetracycline is stimulated by DNA load in Ca-P coprecipitate as well as by DMSO or EDTA. The method of Ca-P coprecipitation could not provide for plasmid DNA incorporation into taure sperms. Foreign DNA incorporation in postacrosomal regions of sperm heads seems quite possible in experiments with dimethylsulphozide (DMSO).


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