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Studies on plant materials as energy resources 2. jojoba new raw material for industry

, : Studies on plant materials as energy resources 2. jojoba new raw material for industry. Denryoku Chuo Kenkyusho Hokoku (U88063): I-IV, 1-35

This study was carried out to search the new raw material for industry. Jojoba is a hardy shrub that grows in arid regions of the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. Its seeds contain a liquid 'wax' that has impressive industrial potential. It is difficult to produce synthetic liquid was commercially. Since the endangered sperm whale is the only natural source at present, the jojoba plant may, in time, become the only source of liquid max. Jojoba oil may eventually replace sperm oil. At present, growers are attemtping to produce the jojoba on about 20000 hectares of tropical and sub-tropical arid and semiarid lands in the world. According to our investigation on the scene, jojoba can be established as an promising crop for the Paraguay's Chaco Desert region, northwestern Argentina's La Rioja region, and Kenya's eastern region. A possibility is given to identify sex difference by the isozyme method even at the stage of young seedlings in jojoba plant. Efficient plantation management is the key to the future of the jojoba industry. Commercial growers must concentrate on vigorous cost control.


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