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Studies on the karyotypes of birds iv. 10 species of charadriiformes aves

, : Studies on the karyotypes of birds iv. 10 species of charadriiformes aves. Zoological Research 10(1): 9-14

The karyotypes of species of Charadriiform birds were studied with colchicine-hypotonic-air drying technique from bone marrow cells. The results were given as follows: Charadriidae: Vanellus vanellus, 2n = 76 Charadrius dubius, 2n = 76 C. alexandrinus, 2n = 76 Pluvialis squatarola, 2n = 76 Scolopacidae: Tringa nebularia, 2n = 88 Arenaria interpres, 2n = 88 Gallinago gallinago, 2n=88 G. stenura, 2n = 88 Scolopax rusticola, 2n = 88 Calidris alpina, 2n = 88. We found that the 7 species of plovers had fewer and larger macrochromosomes than the 9 species of snipes. It was probable that the karyotypes of snipes were relatively specialized and were evolved from the karyotypes of plovers by a series centric fissions of macrochromosomes. In Charadriiformes, the 2 species of Haematopodidae, 1 species of Recurvirostriade and species of Burhinidae shared the same karyotype with plover's, and the 2 speices of Jacanidae shared the same karyotype with snipe's. The comparative studies of karyotypes showed that the Charadriiformes birds may have two different origins. It was very interesting that the data of DNA hybridizations from Sibley (1987) showed the same results.


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