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31P NMR studies of rat liver cold preservation with histidine-buffered lactobionate solution

, : 31P NMR studies of rat liver cold preservation with histidine-buffered lactobionate solution. Cryobiology 30(6): 551-561

The efficiency of a preservation medium, histidine-buffered lactobionate solution (HBLS), was determined by measuring post-ischemic recoveries of ATP and intracellular pH under Krebs-Henseleit buffer (KHB) perfusion. We used NMR spectroscopy to study the effect of 24-h cold ischemia, followed by 4 degrees C then 37 degrees C reperfusion on the isolated rat liver. Three media were compared: University of Wisconsin solution (UW-lactobionate); Bretschneider's solution (HTK); HBLS and HBLS supplemented with 2 mM Gly and 2 mM Cys (HBLSg2) or with 10 mM Gly and 2 mM Cys (HBLSg10). All values were compared to control values measured during pre-ischemic cold perfusion with KHB (ATP = 8.60 +/- 0.6 mumol/g of dry weigh and pH(in) = 7.41 +/- 0.05). The main result from 31P NMR data concerned ATP recovery during cold reperfusion, which was significantly higher in the HBLS group (112 +/- 10%) as compared to the UW and HTK groups (around 66%). The presence of glycine decreased ATP recovery (88 +/- 8% in HBLSg2, 79 +/- 15% in HBLSg10). Higher values of recovered pHin were observed in livers stored in histidine buffered solutions (around 7.30) as compared to UW (around 7.20); histidine was by 13C NMR proved to accumulate in the liver cells, thus ensuring a good buffering capacity. The thermal transition induced a decrease in both ATP level and pHin in all groups. This might be the result of a stimulation of the carbohydrate metabolism (as demonstrated by 13C NMR) especially when glycine was present in the storage solution.


PMID: 8306704

DOI: 10.1006/cryo.1993.1058

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