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Actigraphic home-monitoring of the sleep patterns of in vitro fertilization children and their matched controls

, : Actigraphic home-monitoring of the sleep patterns of in vitro fertilization children and their matched controls. Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology 36(7): 639-645

The sleep patterns of 35 in vitro fertilization (IVF) children aged 19 to 57 months and their matched controls were evaluated by actigraphic home-monitoring for three consecutive nights. Actigraphic data were analysed by an automated scoring procedure developed in the authors' laboratory. There were no significant differences in activity levels between IVF multiple-birth subjects and their matched controls or between IVF singletons and their matched controls. In contrast, multiple-birth subjects had higher activity levels during sleep and lower sleep efficiency than singletons in both IVF and control groups. Sleep measures showed night-to-night stability in all groups.


PMID: 8034127

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