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Adenosine transport inhibition ameliorates postischemia hypoperfusion in pigs

, : Adenosine transport inhibition ameliorates postischemia hypoperfusion in pigs. Brain Research 734(1-2): 261-268

Cerebral ischemia is often followed by a period of delayed hypoperfusion that may contribute to tissue injury. We tested the hypothesis that augmentation of interstitial adenosine can improve tissue perfusion under this condition. 10 min global ischemia was produced in two groups of isoflurane-anesthetized newborn pigs by occlusion of subclavian and brachiocephalic arteries, and changes in local cortical blood flow and cortical interstitial purine metabolites were measured using the combined hydrogen clearance-microdialysis technique. In one group, the dialysis probe was perfused with artificial cerebrospinal fluid buffer containing nitrobenzyl-thioinosine (NBTI, 100 mu-mol/l), a competitive inhibitor of adenosine transport. In the untreated group (n = 9), baseline cortical blood flow (39 +- 3 ml/min/100 g) was depressed by 51 +- 5% and 42 +- 6% at 40 and 60 min, respectively, of postischemic reperfusion. NBTI increased baseline interstitial adenosine levels 2.4-fold which increased baseline cortical blood flow 1.5-fold to 60 +- 4 ml/min/100 g, and increased both absolute adenosine levels as well as adenosine as a percentage of total purine metabolites throughout ischemia and reperfusion. As a result, the extent of postischemic hypoperfusion was significantly lessened in NBTI-treated animals (n = 9), with reductions in cortical blood flow of only 28 +- 3% and 24 +- 5% at 40 and 60 min of reperfusion, respectively. These results indicate that inhibition of adenosine transport by NBTI elevates interstitial adenosine concentration during and following cerebral ischemia, and concomitantly improves cortical perfusion in the post-ischemic period. The latter effect may contribute to the documented neuroprotective efficacy of adenosinergic therapy in cerebral ischemia.


PMID: 8896833

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