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Animal models relevant to human epilepsies

, : Animal models relevant to human epilepsies. Italian Journal Of Neurological Sciences. 16(1-2): 5-8

Animal studies have significantly contributed to our understanding of epileptogenesis and action mechanisms of antiepileptic drugs. The relevance of animal models to human epilepsies depend on how faithfully they reproduce the clinical and EEG features of human forms. In principle the definition of animal model of epilepsies should be reserved to animals presenting with recurrent seizures, either spontaneous of experimentally induced, persisting over time. Therefore acute experimental procedures designed to induce seizure andin vitro preparations should be referred to as models of seizures and models of epileptogenic mechanisms respectively rather models of epilepsies. The adequacy of a given animal model to study basic mechanisms of epilepsies and/or drug efficacy depend on the type of information that the investigator want to draw from it.


PMID: 7642352

DOI: 10.1007/bf02229068

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