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Australian and South African undergraduates' HIV-related knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors

, : Australian and South African undergraduates' HIV-related knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors. Archives of Sexual Behavior 27(3): 279-294

To understand safe sex behavior in two countries which have been differentially affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic, the present study compared the AIDS-related knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors of 920 heterosexual undergraduate students in Australia and 228 heterosexual undergraduate students in South Africa. South African students were found to have significantly less knowledge about HIV/AIDS, and significantly less favorable attitudes toward safe sex behavior than their Australian counterparts. They were also more likely to report that they have avoided various groups of people for fear of contracting AIDS. Experience from Australia over the period 1986-1995 suggests that significant improvements in the AIDS-related knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors of South African undergraduates are achievable.


PMID: 9604117

DOI: 10.1023/a:1018603102295

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