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Biodiversity and similarity between the nematode parasite communities of domestic and wild ruminants

, : Biodiversity and similarity between the nematode parasite communities of domestic and wild ruminants. Acta Cientifica Venezolana 44(5): 285-291

The analysis of the bibliographical information concerning to the nematode parasite communities of domestic and wild ruminants, permitted to obtain the following values of Maximum Diversity Index, Bovidae: 4.88 bits; Cervidae: 4.33 bits and Cameliae: 3.69 bits. The highest values of this index within each family of host were 5.75 bits. 5.49 bits and 4.32 bits for Ovis aries (Bovidae), Capreolus capreolus (Cervidae), Lama pacos and Camelus dromedarius (Camelidae), respectively. The families of parasites with direct biological cycles, showed higher values of Maximum Diversity Index than those families with parasites that require vectors or intermediates hosts in their biological cycles. Concerning to the Similarity Index among the hosts in relation to their communities of nematode parasite, the highest values ( gt 60%) were presented between the following species: Ovis aries-Capra hircus; O. aries-Bos taurus; B. taurus-C. hircus; Capra ibex- Rupicapra rupicapra; Capreolus capreolus- Cervus elaphus; C. elaphus-Dama dama; Lama pacos-Vicugna vicugna; D. dama. -C. capreolus.


PMID: 7483967

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