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Central distribution of synaptic contacts of primary and secondary jaw muscle spindle afferents in the trigeminal motor nucleus of the cat

, : Central distribution of synaptic contacts of primary and secondary jaw muscle spindle afferents in the trigeminal motor nucleus of the cat. Journal Of Comparative Neurology. 391(1): 50-63,. 2

Little is known about the differences of the terminations of group Ia and group II afferents within the brainstem or spinal cord. The present study was performed to classify cat jaw muscle spindle afferents by the use of succinylcholine (SCh) and to examine the morphological characteristics of the physiologically classified afferents at the light and electron microscopic levels through the use of the intra-axonal horseradish peroxidase (HRP) injection technique. The effects of SCh on stretch responses of 119 jaw muscle spindle afferents from the masseter were examined. The SCh converted the single skew distribution of the values for dynamic index (DI) into a bimodal one. Fifty-eight and 61 afferents were classified as group Ia and group II afferents, respectively. The central projections of 17 intra-axonally stained afferents (10 group la and 7 group II afferents) were examined. The spindle afferents terminated mainly in the supratrigeminal nucleus (Vsup), region h, and the dorsolateral subdivision of trigeminal motor nucleus (Vmo.dl) but differed in the pattern of projections of group la and group II afferents. The proportion of group la afferent terminals was higher in Vmo.dl but lower in Vsup than that of group II afferents. In Vmo.dl, the proportion of group la afferent terminals was higher in the central region but lower in the more outer regions than that of group II afferents. The ultrastructure of serially sectioned afferent boutons (63 group Ia and 72 group II boutons) also was examined. The boutons from the two groups were distributed widely from the soma to small-diameter dendrites, but the frequency of synaptic contacts on proximal dendrites was higher in group la than group II afferents. The present study provides evidence that the two groups of jaw muscle spindle afferents differ in their central projection and the spatial distribution of their synaptic contacts on Vmo.dl neurons.


PMID: 9527541

DOI: 10.1002/(sici)1096-9861(19980202)391:1<50::aid-cne5>;2-q

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