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Clinical experience with minimal flow xenon anesthesia

, : Clinical experience with minimal flow xenon anesthesia. Acta Anaesthesiologica Scandinavica 38(2): 121-125

Xenon is a more potent anesthetic than nitrous oxide, and gives more profound analgesia. This investigation was performed to assess the potential of xenon for becoming an anesthetic inspite of its high manufacturing cost. Seven ASA I-II patients undergoing cholecystectomy (n=4), hernia repair (n=2), or mammoplasty (n=1) were studied. Denitrogenation by 15-20 min of oxygen breathing under propofol anesthesia was followed by fentanyl-supplemented xenon anesthesia administered via an automatic minimal flow system which held the oxygen concentration at 30%. Xenon anesthesia lasted 76-228 min and 8-14 l of xenon (ATPD) was used, of which 5.6-8.1 l was expended during the first 15 min. Anesthesia appeared to be satisfactory, and the patients woke up rapidly after xenon was discontinued. The automatic system made minimal flow xenon anesthesia easy to administer, but nitrogen accumulation is still a problem. Assuming a xenon price of 10 US per litre, the average cost for xenon was about 65 US for the first 15 min and then about 25 US for each subsequent hour of anesthesia.


PMID: 7909641

DOI: 10.1111/j.1399-6576.1994.tb03852.x

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