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Effect of ultraviolet radiation on reductase activity in wheat seed

, : Effect of ultraviolet radiation on reductase activity in wheat seed. Izvestiya Timiryazevskoi Sel'skokhozyaistvennoi Akademii 0(3): 116-131, July-Sept

The dynamics in activity of glucose-6-phosphatedehydrogenase (G6PDG), alcoholdehydrogenase (ADG) and peroxidase (PR) in different parts of wheat grain of Prilenskaya-9 variety was studied during 24 hours of swelling. It is shown that there is individual regularity in activity increase of enzymes which depends on their nature and localization. Small doses of ultraviolet radiation can change this regularity by the shift of extrema to earlier time. Maximum activity of ADG and PR of endosperm decreases by 17-30 and 8-27%, of corymb-by 78-82 and 80-90, of plumule-by 75-86 and 70-75% respectively, with decrease of G6PDG activity in these parts of wheat grain only by 10-25%. Considerable decrease in enzyme activity in corymb and plumule is observed in seeds subjected to ultraviolet radiation, while in endosperm it may even get a little higher. Ultraviolet radiation of wheat seed causes the decrease in ADG and PR activity in corymb-5-7 and 2.5-6 times, in plumule-1.3-1.5 and 3-5 times lower. Probably one of the reasons of lower enzyme activity in corymb and plumule is the increased concentration of hydrolytic enzymes from lysosomas damaged by ultraviolet radiation. It is especially evident in corymb structure. Lower dehydrogenase and oxidase activity in corymb results in loss of its functional activity, which probably has an effect on its selective regularity function and on germinating power of wheat seed as a whole.


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