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Effects of time and temperature on the formation of MeIQ-x and DiMeIQ-x in a model system containing threonine, glucose, and creatine

, : Effects of time and temperature on the formation of MeIQ-x and DiMeIQ-x in a model system containing threonine, glucose, and creatine. Journal Of Agricultural & Food Chemistry. 43(6): 1678-1684

This project studied the effects of processing time and temperature on the formation of MeIQ-x and DiMeIQ-x, two of the most common aminoimidazoazaarenes (AIAs) found in food. Each model system containing threonine, glucose, and creatine (2:1:2 molar ratio) was processed for 2 h at a temperature between 125 and 250 degree C. Neither MeIQ-x nor DiMeIQ-x was found at processing temperatures lower than 150 degree C. At temperatures between 150 and 200 degree C, AIA concentrations increased with processing time. However, at 225 and 250 degree C the concentrations of the two products increased during the initial 15-30 min of processing and then decreased for the remainder of the processing run. MeIQ-x and DiMeIQ-x did not appear in the reaction mixture until almost all of the creatine was converted into creatinine. This systematic study suggests that maintaining cooking temperatures below 150 degree C may reduce the formation of MeIQ-x and DiMeIQ-x in food.


DOI: 10.1021/jf00054a049

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