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Effects of wavelengths of light on the photoperiodic gonadal response of blinded-pinealectomized Japanese quail

, : Effects of wavelengths of light on the photoperiodic gonadal response of blinded-pinealectomized Japanese quail. Zoological Science (Tokyo) 10(5): 757-762

Action spectra for the photoperiodic gonadal response of blinded-pinealectomized quail were investigated by night interruption experiments in which light pulses (1 hour) with various wavelengths were given at the photoinducible phase, 13 hours after the onset of main photoperiod (8L16D). Spectral transmittance of the brain tissues was measured and the percent transmittance at the hypothalamus was obtained. Long wavelength light (750 nm) penetrates about 650 times more than short wavelength light (450 nm). The difference spectra between the transmittance measured at the dorsal and the ventral borders of the hypothalamus represents the absorption by the hypothalamic tissues and showed two peaks at 500 and 600 nm. Action spectra measured by equalizing the number of photons reaching the hypothalamus showed a peak at 500 nm for the photoperiodic responses of the testis and the cloacal gland in blinded-pinealectomized quail. Since the light pulse delivered at the photoinducible phase was effective to induce gonadal growth in blinded-pinealectomized quail, the circadian oscillator as well as the photoreceptor for the photoperiodic time measurement seems to be located somewhere other than the eye and the pineal.


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