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Efficient construction of a large nonimmune phage antibody library: The production of high-affinity human single-chain antibodies to protein antigens

, : Efficient construction of a large nonimmune phage antibody library: The production of high-affinity human single-chain antibodies to protein antigens. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 95(11): 6157-6162

A large library of phage-displayed human single-chain Fv antibodies (scFv), containing 6.7 x 10(9) members, was generated by improving the steps of library construction. Fourteen different protein antigens were used to affinity select antibodies from this library. A panel of specific antibodies was isolated with each antigen, and each panel contained an average of 8.7 different scFv. Measurements of antibody-antigen interactions revealed several affinities below 1 nM, comparable to affinities observed during the secondary murine immune response. In particular, four different scFv recognizing the ErbB2 protein had affinities ranging from 220 pM to 4 nM. Antibodies derived from the library proved to be useful reagents for immunoassays. For example, antibodies generated to the Chlamydia trachomatis elementary bodies stained Chlamydia-infected cells, but not uninfected cells. These results demonstrate that phage antibody libraries are ideally suited for the rapid production of panels of high-affinity mAbs to a wide variety of protein antigens. Such libraries should prove especially useful for generating reagents to study the function of gene products identified by genome projects.


PMID: 9600934

DOI: 10.2307/45348

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